Page updated on June 6th, 2012

For more information about the national health system of this country, download a PDF file with a brief description about the political and demographical background, the organization of the health care system at national, regional and local level as well as the collection of health care data.


Associated beneficiaries
ASL Roma E - Dipartimento di Epidemiologia (DEASL)
Health Authority Roma E - Department of Epidemiology
Via S. Costanza 53, 00198 Rome, Italy
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Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) (website)
National Institute of Health in Italy
Viale Regina Elena, 299, 00161 Rome, Italy
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Associated collaborating partners
EURHOBOP has selected 10 hospitals representing this country to participate with extensive data collection. These hospitals have been included in the project as "Associated collaborating partners" and their participation will be duly recognized.


Technological Partner
Consorzio interuniversitario per le Applicazioni di Supercalcolo per Università e Ricerca (CASPUR) (website)
Inter-University Consortium for the Application of Super-Computing for Universities and Research
Via dei Tizii 6 - 00185 Roma, Italy